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Alis Lesley

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Music Style Rock n Roll

Profile: Alis Lesley was an American rockabilly singer, once billed as "the female Elvis Presley."[1]

Lesley was born Alice Lesley in Chicago, Illinois on April 20, 1938. Her family later moved Phoenix, Arizona, where she attended Phoenix Junior College. She majored in television and radio, and began singing rockabilly while a student. She was discovered by Kathryn Godfrey, a popular Phoenix television personality and the sister of Arthur Godfrey. With Kathryn Godfrey's help, Lesley became a local favorite following her television appearances on station KTVK and in local night clubs.[2]

Lesley achieved brief national celebrity with the 1957 release of her only album, Barefoot Rockabilly Angel (Era Records 45-1034)[3], which featured her only charted single, "He Will Come Back to Me" b/w "Heartbreak Harry." Lesley's stage persona as "The Female Elvis Presley" included a guitar slung around her neck, greased-back hair, and combed-down sideburns.[4]


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Alis Lesley

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Music Style:Rock n Roll

Profile: Dynamic Alis Lesley, known as “The Female Elvis Presley,” is a completely uninhibited young Era Recording artist who has caused the Rock’n’Roll movement to sit back and make way for a new and more exciting craze called “Rock-A-Billy.” Her many personal appearances throughout the country and on television have met with overwhelming success.

Alis was born in Chicago on April 20, 1938, and moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where she attended the Phoenix Junior College and majored in television, radio and the theatre. It was in college that she developed her sensational singing style and was discovered by Kathryn Godfrey, sisger of the famed redhead and a popular television personality in her own right. Alis quickly became a favourite attraction in Phoenix via her television appearances on station KTVK and in local night clubs.

Alis Lesley Recording Company Track number        
He will come Back to me Era          
Don't Burn Your Bridges            
Heartbreak Harry            
So Afraid            
Why do I feel This Way            

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