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Welcome to Those Rock n Roll Years from 1950 -1960 in the USA

Still working on the site but it does take time to collate the information and all to often the infomation is not quite correct. If you have found an error, just drop me an email and I will take a look. I don't profess to be an expert, we just love the era.

Why build this site? Well we have always had a love for rock n roll, which started back in the play ground at school during the 1960's the question then was "Are you a Mod or a Rocker", for me that was easy I was a Rocker. Something deep inside me was telling my what my true love for music would be. Was it driven from listening to my Dad's 78's possibly, or was it that I was born during the most exciting time for music when many different types where merging together. I just don't know, but what I do know is that we love the whole Rock n Roll scene. We've had taken 50's Jive lessons from KAv and Suzy at www.jiveafter5.co.uk and go to many Rock n Roll/ Rockabilly clubs in the South East of England. This has cause me to start looking deeper into the music, be it RocknRoll, Rockabilly, Boogie Woogie or Doo Wop from the 50's. I found that the information I wanted was spread far and wide, either in books, on record sleves or on the net. I wanted this information in one place. A form of reference for myself and any one else. So I started this site and as with most projects I found that there was no definitive stopping point. Why from USA and not the UK?, well that's where it was, that's the period of history that we love, be it the music, the fashion, the dance or the transport.

There are so many artists; Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Bill Haley just to name a few . So I have taken the artists that I enjoy or whom made significant in roads into the music. Rightly or wrongly I had to choose's, there are just so many to artist to cover, but I will keep adding artist as I continue to build the site. This site will grow over the years, I will start with the artist's then move on to the dance and the transport of the time. This looks to be a never ending project.

Can you help? Is your favorite artist missing, not sure that something is quite right, then drop me an email to dave@thoserocknrollyears.co.uk

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